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Oksana Bergen

Robert-Koch-Straße 3a, 33102 Paderborn, Germany

E-Mail: Info@oksana-bergen.de

Tel: +49 151 561 39208


According to Sigmund Freud, inner conflicts occur when experiences are not compatible with our personal values. These experiences are then repressed and lead to serious inner conflicts.

With the series "HAIRY CONFLICTS", dramatic scenes are presented, which take place in our imagination and bring the inner conflicts to light.

These soft and pure works show the hidden and unconscious interior of each individual. At the same time, these fine and dense hairy structures represent the existential need for (seemingly non-existent) security. The hopelessness of the conflict situation becomes clear in the form of a circle (represented as a closed cycle).

The constantly changing orientation of the hairy structure visualizes the interior and reveals something about the core and character of the conflict.