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I was born in Kedrovy Shor, Russia in 1979. At the age of 15, I left Russia with my  family and moved to Germany. Early on, I discovered that art and writing are my passions, offering me diverse ways to express myself.



In Nanjing, China, where I lived for two years, Lao Shi, a Chinese painter, introduced me to the world of the “Tusche” technique, a next step in my exciting artistic voyage.


During the same period in Nanjing, I began exploring paper as a truly infinite source of creativity. I developed my first art project “Paper Worlds” (Papierwelten) by upcycling paper, otherwise doomed to be waste, into three dimensional objects and sculptures employing a variety of techniques. I labelled it “Eco Art”. It is a transformation of material from its daily use into a piece of art. Intuition is my master. 


My art is an expression of what I observe, experience and feel. My art is an art of remembering the beauty and the inexplicable, and of my own responsibility.

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