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Oksana Bergen

Robert-Koch-Straße 3a, 33102 Paderborn, Germany

E-Mail: Info@oksana-bergen.de

Tel: +49 151 561 39208




The series "GOOSE BUMPS" visualizes the reactions of external impulses to our body.  These works capture emotional moments of physical solidification.

The series "GOOSE BUMPS" reveals the reaction of our body to various stimuli.  These reactions are depicted in abstract relief, much like landscapes of our body’s texture with precisely cut delicate hairs. The circular frame of these artworks symbolizes the biological and emotional cycles of human life.


Goose bumps are apparently a remnant of evolution. Goosebumps are a physical, fleeting, involuntary reaction triggered by physical stimuli such as a gentle touch, a breath of wind or cold. But also emotional stimuli such as memories, touching scenes, excitement and fear result in goosebumps revealing a heightened sense of perception.